Nau mai. Welcome. Manurewa deserves its own voice in the House of Representatives, in Parliament. Let me tell you why you should vote for me to be a representative for Manurewa.

Ka tuku mihi ki ngā tangata whenua o Manurewa

Nei rā te mihi maioha ki ngā tangata whenua o te rohe nei, koutou e pūpuri nei i te mana o onamata me ngā wāwata o anamata. Ahakoa he manuhiri, e noho haumaru ana ahau i raro i ōu koutou manaakitanga. Koutou ngā uri o Huakaiwaka, o Tainui waka, o ngā tūrehu me ngā patupaiarehe o nehe tēnā koutou katoa.

I want to acknowledge the tangata whenua of this area, who carry the mana of their forebears and the hopes and dreams of future generations. This is your tūrangawaewae and I am humbled to live under your manaakitanga.

Think before you tick

We each have two votes. One person vote and one party vote.

Your person vote is who will represent your community in parliament. Those who win an electorate seat provide our local voice on national issues. But if your representative is not from your community how can they truly provide a local voice?

So why vote for me? Being independent means my sole advocacy can be for Manurewa - no party lines to tow. And because you have given me the mandate, I will bring the issues back to Manurewa to understand your perspectives before making decisions. You can hold me to account because you will see me picking up my kids, taking them to afterschool activities, shopping at Clendon, Southmall, Westfield Manukau, Old Papatoetoe, having a coffee at the local cafes, eating at the Food Hub and just being out and about in my local hood.

So use both ticks and use them strategically. Vote Luella and vote for the party of your choice.

The Manurewa Electorate has changed

The Manurewa electorate has changed. We are now Weymouth, Homai, Hill Park, Puhinui, Manukau central and the southside of Old Papatoetoe.

Places like the block between Coxhead Road and Great South Road, Manurewa East and the Gardens, Wattledowns and Mahia Park are no longer in the Manurewa electorate.

Our community is large and diverse. I commit to representing each one of our communities to ensuring I listen to you all.

Manurewa, stronger together.

COVID - we nailed it. We stayed home. We looked out for our neighbours. We used sanitiser or washed our hands all the time. We delivered food, blankets, and beanies to those in need. We looked after our seniors in council flats.

We learnt that together, we are stronger. The solutions to any and all challenges in our community lie with us.

We always hear about the problems in Rewa that need fixing, that we need fixing. But we don't.

What we need are the resources to sustainably support the amazing organisations who are making a real difference - Waka of Caring, Clendon Pride Project amongst many others.

We also need public services in Manurewa, Manukau, and Old Papatoetoe to work with us to make a difference.

Manurewa, together we are stronger.

I am local and Manurewa matters

Manurewa has been my home for over 33 years.

My husband has only lived in Manurewa.

And our children go to school here.

I volunteered for The Pride Project during lockdown to get food to whànau in need and our Project Manaaki team visited and looked out for our seniors at Leabank Courts and Percival Courts.

Champion a sustainable local economy

We have some awesome local businesses from corner dairies to bakeries, and cafes. Buying locally means our local businesses support our community through jobs. The money stays here and doesn't go to some large corporate elsewhere in Auckland or overseas.

Some shops year after year, decade after decade, sponsor lots of our kids sports teams. I want to give a mean shout out to Clendon Bakery!

I want to champion a pathway that grows a sustainable local economy. One where we have a diverse range of businesses from self-employed making in their garages to small and medium businesses employing locals. Buying and selling from each other and for the community grows our community's wealth. I look to our Sikh community and what they've achieved and the tens of thousands of people they gave free food and goods to during lockdown here in South Auckland.

I want us to move away from cheap one life goods, to ones that last. Things we can hand on to our our children, our neighbours, our parents. That don’t increase our landfill. That don’t extract from us and give us almost nothing in return. I want to move towards income that is ethical, that enables everyone to live a decent, happy and healthy life.

Buy locally made

Local businesses employ local people. I want to champion growing the supply chain in Manurewa from self-employed to small and medium businesses who employ locally. Big corporates extract money from communities for their own pockets. The worlds 26 top billionaires have as much or more wealth than 3.8 billion people in the world. Where we buy and who we choose to buy from makes a difference.

We can make a change. Grow our own supply chain, buy and sell locally, buy sustainably and give to those in need.

Local organisations leading local solutions

The solutions for South Auckland lie in South Auckland. There are some amazing organisations working above and beyond because they are committed to outcomes for Manurewa and wider South Auckland.

But their funding is contract to contract and it is often just the bare minimum - no funding for growth, for administration, for sustainable planning and development. They are at high risk of falling over and it is their families and the community who lose. This needs to change. We need greater resources for local organisations making a real difference to become sustainable.

I want to give a big shout out to the Cause Collective, Ngāhere Communities, Pride Project, Waka of Caring, Manurewa Marae, and the many faith-based groups doing the hard yards for us and our whānau.

Warm, dry, affordable homes

Everyone deserves to live in a warm dry affordable home. I want to champion those ethical landlords - those who demonstrate that welfare of their tenants is just as important as their investment.

Housing speculation has hurt many New Zealanders - not just first home buyers but also many thousands of renters in Manurewa who live in poor housing despite the legislation being brought in. More needs to be done to drive down speculation and homes are fit for purpose and keep our whānau warm and dry.

I will support the introduction of capital gains tax for all property outside of the family home. Every single dollar earned by the majority of us is taxed. Every single dollar. But, for property investors, they earn $10,000s - $100,000 that is not taxed at all. And this speculation is driving up housing prices.

Tell me, with mortgage rates fallen to less than 3% on average, how many of you have had your rent decrease? And when mortgage rates go up, how quick are landlords to increase rent? The business model is broken!

All of this contributes to the widening gap between the haves and have nots. I will champion a capital gains tax to ensure that fairness prevails, to drive down speculation, to amplify ethical investors and hold all landlords to account.

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